Barbados Bu’n-Bu’n A Culinary Tour Cookbook

The hard cover comes as two volumes covering the island, parish, by parish. Barbados' history, culinary flavours, recipes, and culture.

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The Barbados Bu’n-Bu’n Cookbook, a culinary tour.

“Come with me. Experience pipes that stan’. Boards that jukk. Jars that are unripe monkeys. Frogs that whistle de tune of a band tucked and a goose on four legs that doan mess with a perky gutter. Hucksters and markets. Farmers and food. Secret recipes deep inside Miss Harriette and Mrs Jones…man dem gots a mobba-ton o’ tings gine on! Meet Miss Carnetta and she bush fuh medicine; and de pork dat is fat but does like to swan ‘roun a Bridgetown street while sugar an okra-mush hit de artsy-fartsy theatre in Christ Church wrapping up de gap while reggae swarms ovah de bar hold up wid boisterous wild boars! Music and love. Leh muh show you how to sip on swank with sunsets and full moons but Lawd, as You is my Shepherd, help muh to mekk de people dem beware of donkeys of steel ‘cause Shaggy Bear gots Miss Sally in de pot and she wining an’ dancing to she own tune. Follow me closely when Crop Over done an ‘Kissmuhwillwill’ mount he rums in a shop at Sweet Bottom, happy as breadfruit in a pickle when truff be known. I gine show how a one an two muss dance cuz a cutter ent a cutter wid’out Cuzz, and how the taste of jam dat is jelly sweet cause de peppah hot! Buh wait…I cyan’t forget we gots a cake made with fish in a pot dat bucks. An’ salt baths fuh Sunduh pork too, caw Miss Clarke seh one should’ah nevah eat an forget always remembering an eyeful en a bellyful although, we does know she born a lickmout! So follow de adventure as I turn to history. Great houses and chattels. Bussa & Rachel. National pride. Fish that fly and one dat snaps on anudder called jack. Learn that coucou is not a bird but does eat nice wid a cat dat lives in de sea. Doan tell a soul buh I even teach ’bout lobsters wearing slippers, and tamarind with balls, an bitches black an sweet, men dat does drink beers in banks. Believe you me – Barbados Bu’n-Bu’n gine spill de proverbial beans.. caw I ent known fuh keeping no secrets.”

Rosemary Parkinson, nomad, award-winning author, culinary writer, contributor, photographer and artist.


2014 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards winner for Barbados in the following categories:

  • Best Self Published Book
  • Best Cookbook of the Year
  • Best Cookbook Design
  • Best Historical Recipes

2015 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards held in Yantai, China against thousands of international entrants, and five major finalists from large countries:

Gold – Best Self-Published Book in the World 2015

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