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The Caribbean Culinary Travel Series Proposal

The Caribbean Culinary Travel Series Publishers Proposal

(2009) Paintings & book ‘Nyam Jamaica’ @ Charlie’s Bar & Grill

BIDC – Barbados Bu’n-Bu’n’s the best!

“It’s simply the best! No further explanation needed.”

My Belly-Button Buried in Barbados

Caroline James talks to Rosemary Parkinson, artist, photographer & author of Barbados Bu’n Bu’n

Jamaica Observer

“Local publishers should take a chance on Caribbean authors”

Ocean Style – Nyam Jamaica

Take a little Jamaican Folk Song blend in Reg­gae & Dancehall, jerk it well with the ethnic in­fluences that Jamaica has, dash in a pinch of ‘irie talk’ and mek me tell you, you have Jah Ja cuisine…

About Norma Shirley

MACO Magazine – 2009

MACO Caribbean living – That wicked Lionfish

Article published by Rosemary Parkinson

Welcome to St. Lucia

Ocean Style article by Rosemary Parkinson

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