Cheers! Yep! I say cheers for my glass ‘runneth’ over with excitement at my website that reads like a Caribbean cocktail: a shot of history, tradition, culture; topped by island people and their delicious exotic foods; a dash of sun, seas and beaches; a drizzle of rivers, forests, flora and fauna sprinkled with rolling hills and luscious mountains garnished with sunsets and full moons served with our special brand of music and, if desired, a splash of the delightful ‘elixir’ that is our rum. So travel with me on my daily postings using social media; flavour your life with my books; jump into the photographs, feel the art I delve into, and enjoy the products my team and I create – my new in-store is now officially opened and will grow as we move forward!

Contact me personally if you have any special questions…and if you are looking for adventure …choose one of our islands and live the dream.

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